Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Stagnant industries die. Innovators set the pace and map the future. We've always known that at GoodSound!, the Web's preeminent site for everyman audio reviews, opinion, and news. We -- meaning the SoundStage! Network, under whose umbrella Goodsound! operates -- were among the first specialty-audio publications on the Web, and we're now the biggest and most established of them all.

A few things have always set GoodSound!, as well as the larger SoundStage! Network, apart from other audio publications. Foremost among these is that we care about the content we produce. Our writers have more than a passing familiarity with the rules of English grammar, and we employ professional proofreaders and copy editors to ensure the readability of our content. We also offer more coverage of the affordable end of the audio spectrum than anyone else, because that's where our readers spend their money. We know that you have options when it comes to review sites, and we want to reward your choice with content that's accurate and relevant.

Readers familiar with our Soundstage! Network sister publications will have noticed that we're in the process of reinventing ourselves once again. We’re pushing the envelope with image-based content, and we're carefully massaging how we write reviews to keep them snappy and current. GoodSound! is the latest family member to undergo this transformation, and the site you're viewing represents the coolest, baddest, and most relevant home entertainment site on the Web, bar none.

That's right -- I said "home entertainment." As much as we're a bunch of die-hard two-channel audio guys, we recognize that home entertainment convergence isn't coming; it's a reality. As I write this, I'm streaming audio from a PC upstairs through my wireless home network to another computer connected to my main two-channel system. I'm controlling all of this from an Apple iPhone linked to the same network. I could be doing the same with HD video content from my laptop to any number of video-streaming devices capable of connecting to my plasma TV. As gee-whiz as this setup might seem now, in a couple of years it will seem quaint. These technologies are so new that we can't yet imagine where the limits may lie. But we're darn sure going to find out.

As keen as we are to highlight this brave new world to our readers, we have no intention of abandoning or even circumscribing our coverage of good old-fashioned two-channel-audio reviews. But as products and the home entertainment environment evolve, we'll be seeing a lot of crossover that will blur the lines between what we used to think of as stereo, multi-room audio, and home theater. The distinctions can be hard to make now, and in just a couple of years there may be none.

Join us on this voyage of discovery. We can't say where the future will take us, but we know that as audio has progressed over the past 15 years, we've never deviated from our central mission. Count on us to help you navigate the maze of products and technology coming our way, and as always, rely on this site to learn where to find really good sound!

. . . Colin Smith