Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

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To Hans Wetzel,

I read your review of [the] KEF Q750 loudspeakers. Since a year ago, I have Q350s [that] are powered by a Rega Brio amplifier. I find the Q350s to be excellent speakers. Yes, sometimes the treble can be a bit too dominant, but otherwise I am very satisfied with them, very clear and airy. About the treble, I also found a review with the same opinion. But it’s tempting to get floorstanders and I have considered Q750s for a while. You say that 50Wpc should be sufficient for [the] Q750 and that’s exactly what [my] Rega Brio is capable [of providing into an 8-ohm load]. In my apartment I cannot play extremely high volumes anyway. Have you any experience [with the] Q350 and, if so, what level of difference would you describe I will get by replacing them with the Q750? Will it be similar but just with a bit better bass?

By the way, KEF’s R500 is [on] sale now for about the same price as the Q750. That is also interesting. Do you have experience of how the R-series models are compared to the Q-series [speakers]?

Patric Johansson

While I haven’t heard the Q350 in person, I know that KEF tries to voice all the products in a given line identically, so I think it’s safe to assume that the Q750 will sound very much like your Q350, just with greater bass extension and impact. Accordingly, if you’re happy with the way that your Q350s sound with your Rega amp, you should be happy with the Q750s. The Q750’s slightly greater sensitivity (88dB vs. the Q350’s 87dB rating), should also allow it to play slightly louder within the Rega’s 50Wpc power limits.

Regarding your question about the R500, you might have noted that I compared the Q750 to the larger R700 in my review. If the R500 is priced similarly to the Q750 in Sweden, I would spring for the R500 every day of the week. While the R500 won’t be dramatically more resolving than your Q350, you should still hear more low-level detail through the R-series model. Furthermore, the R500 is a true three-way design, which should produce deeper and more robust bass. Finally, the R500 is, to my eyes, a far better-looking speaker than any Q model, with a more solid and inert cabinet. The cumulative improvements over your Q350 should be significant. . . . Hans Wetzel